Chapter 33


Written by N.W. Boyer   © 2016  All Rights Reserved

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N.W. Boyer

Pictures above  give a review of those used to represent  places and people written about in the chapters of The Seeds. Some are the real places, such as The World Seed Vault in Norway, and others are part of the fiction in  this story.  After reading this final chapter, come back and click on them for larger views and information.

 The inspiration for writing  this novel (online novella) came from reading and teaching history as well as my travels to some of the places mentioned in the story. I want to acknowledge not only  the brave men and women of Great Britain and the U.S., but to all the people around the world who have fought and those now fighting for freedom; standing for democracy, freedom of religious faith, and the values of the free world.  It has been a pleasure writing for my readers everywhere.

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Chapter 33

Tom had worked out places for Charlie and Elizabeth to stay on the cathedral grounds while in London. Charlie was glad to settle in for a rest. Things had been quite hectic over the last several days. It still surprised him the way things had worked out to meet with Tom’s father. What a relief it was to have things in the proper hands.

Taking off his shirt, Charlie lay on the bed, folding his arms under his head. He looked at the side table where a small Bible lay with an ornate cover etched in leather. It looked as if it had been part of the cathedral for many years. Opening it, he began to read. His eyes moved toward a verse found in the book of Zechariah.

“Behold, a day is coming for the Lord, when the spoil taken from you will be divided in your midst. For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered and the women raped. Half of the city shall go out into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then the Lord will go out and fight against those nations as when he fights on a day of battle. On that day his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west by a very wide valley, so that one half of the Mount shall move northward, and the other half southward. And you shall flee to the valley of my mountains, for the valley of the mountains shall reach to Azal. And you shall flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah King of Judah. Then the Lord my God will come and all the holy ones with him.”

It seemed to Charlie to be some type of prophecy…a terrible prophecy of war and fear that the people have to endure.  Then the Lord would come, appearing to all, bringing those who had died in Christ back with Him.
He asked himself, “When will this war come and how can it be prevented? It also sounded like earthquakes will happen…making people flee into the hills. For a reason he could not understand, at that moment he desperately wanted to be in Israel. He wanted to reach out and embrace his father and tell him that he now understood the Christ that he had known for so many years. He wanted to share the Messiah with his mother. If time was short, she needed to know God’s love and goodness. He had known some Messianic Jews when he was growing up. Now, he realized why they believed and the joy they seemed to possess. They had found their Messiah.

Once again, Charlie’s mind reflected on all Ashton and Hans had said about an earlier meeting with The Committee. In fact, Ashton had gone into great detail about all that had been said and who said it.
Ashton told Charlie that Diabolis had great flair as he spoke to the men, wrapping his robe around his shoulder, and his eyes studying each one of them. Ashton also said that the meeting had been a success, but nothing was revealed about where Han’s documents were hidden. According to Ashton,it appeared that Diabolis had been in great control as he talked to the men on that first meeting.
“Gentlemen, welcome to our majiis..our meeting place,” Diabolis had said. “What I am about to tell you may be long, but it is important that you remember correctly about our previous meeting with General Kammler and his son, Ashton. The General came to us sporting his dress uniform from the World War, with a red scarf which was draped around his neck. He was quite fashionable with Nazi insignia and gold clusters gracing his shoulders and collars. We were all impressed because he looked as if he had stepped out of history. He explained his purpose for coming to Yemen.
As you remember, Ashton told us that his father was a genius who had never stopped inventing electronics after he had fled to Argentina from Germany. He told us he hoped to redeem himself from some of his former involvements by inventing a special piece of equipment for world peace. Hans knew about our blood oath and determination, so he felt comfortable being a part of our plans. He also told us his plans were secure and in safe-keeping in places that only he knew about, which he would reveal to us on his next trip to Yemen.
The most impressive thing that the General had to say was that his invention would silence war heads, such as rockets with a 90 k.m. range or the more advanced model of the M-302 rocket with a range of 150-200 k.m. Planes could no longer could take off and heavy artillery would be silenced.
You asked him a number of questions. I wrote down the questions and the answers he gave for my review. You asked how he could implement this weapon to disengage military machines. The General had great confidence that his invention would work for he had designed it for Nazi Germany, but they lost the war. He did not give the plans to anyone, but hid them.

He also had plans of what to do before our Leader takes over. He said we would burn buildings throughout the world, closing airports and communication sources. In short, we were to disrupt the entire world through terror tactics. This also included getting to the source of internet ability. He believed that every country of the world would not only be begging for food, but they would be completely in the dark about what is happening as power sources were disabled. He assured us that everyone will be desperate for anyone to have an answer for peace. This would be where we would present the world’s new Leader.
Not all of you were convinced that what he was saying would work. You felt that he had misjudged the young people everywhere and believed he was not in touch with the youth around the world. You felt that the Arab Spring had shown that with the use of cell phones, which most people carry, the plan would fall apart. Gen Kammler convinced you that his invention would also shut down the phones and internet. The next question you wanted answered was how would we, The Committee, communicate. That was a good question. I was not totally convinced and felt there were some holes in his plans.
Another question that I remember you asked was concerning Iran and Israel. Would Iran be able to use a nuclear weapon against our enemy, Israel? I believe his answer was that until we get this plan operational, it was up to Iran to do whatever they wanted to do.  This did not help define how world peace would be accomplished. I did not know if his invention would stop the production of enriched uranium and nuclear development.
The last question you asked was about General Kammler’s role in the attempt to exterminate the Jews. You challenged him about Auschwitz and when he helped Himmler in 1942 with the expansion of a larger camp at Birkenau with more gas chambers. He seemed surprised that you knew that, but one of you was very informed and told him that you knew your history. He felt the Jews were the problem during his days with Hitler and he still had not changed his opinion”
Charlie must have drifted into a light sleep as he went over these things in his mind. He was glad that he had talked with Diabolis before leaving Norway. Now Diabolis could go back to The Committee and tell them that there would be no invention to silence the world’s military because General Kammler and his son, Ashton were dead. He will assume that the current plans they were bringing to them were also buried in the icy grave of the crevasse.
Charlie felt strongly that a military does not have to be for evil. It can be for strength and security. Until God comes with His Son to bring peace, there will always be those with plots and plans, like The Committee.”
Charlie smiled to himself as he remembered how the bully down his street in Israel had always been waiting for him to beat him up and throw rocks at him. One day he took his brother and a friend of his brother, who was big and strong, and walked by the bully kid. He knew from experience that there is strength in numbers…and preparedness.
Charlie and Elizabeth said “Goodbye” to Tom and Olga and headed to Israel. He was eager for his family to meet her. Leaning against his arm, she knew that life was just beginning for both of them. Charlie never heard anything further from Diabolis and neither did Olga.
Tom and Olga had their wedding with the blessings from his father, who sent word that the British SIS had found the hidden papers in Belgium, just where Hans had said he left them. They were also sending in an informant to watch the activities The Committee.
Olga continued in her role as assistant to the Choir Master or Precentor at St. Paul’s Cathedral, who was busy putting together a presentation of glorious Christian music.
Father Tom became the Dean of the Cathedral. Their dog, Gracie, is still being pampered in the park.
Emmett still works at the World Seed Bank. He found out that seeds can bring people together as the new trainee will spend the summer with him in Georgia.
It was a special pleasure to Charlie to know that all of them had done what was necessary, regardless of the risk. Now, it was time to leave the rest to those in charge of keeping people safe around the world. The military of every free nation will have great challenges. The way may be difficult. The waves may be choppy.  Those who fight for liberty must be supported, respected, and honored.

“The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave.” ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

Eternal Father, Strong to Save is a hymn which William Whiting wrote in 1860.

Notation:  This novel is fiction and does not represent in real life any person spoken of or shown therein. All Rights Reserved by N.W. Boyer

Chapter 32

Written by N.W. Boyer  © 2016  All Rights Reserved

Elizabeth and Charlie made the flight without difficulty from Norway into London. Olga and Fr. Tom were there to meet them. It was a great reunion of four people whose lives had made such amazing turns within the last year. At dinner that evening, Charlie asked if he and Elizabeth could have a private conversation the next day. He felt it was best to have the confidence of the priest and let him decide if this was anything to share at this time with Olga.
“Tom, we are here on a very important mission. Before we delve into anything, we thought it best to confide in you and we’d appreciate your prayers on this matter.”
Charlie began to unfold the story of all that had happened while he was in Switzerland at the world conference and then his connection with Hans and Ashton in Norway . Fr. Tom could see that this was more than just for prayer.
“Charlie, I definitely will pray for you both, but you must know something that I believe may be the real reason God has sent you here.”

“What do you mean?” Charlie questioned.
“This matter, as you have said, may effect the whole world. You need the information that you have to be in the right hands.”
“Oh, definitely!” Elizabeth chimed in.
“You do not know this, but my father has worked for years with the SIS here in Britain. The SIS is the Secret Intelligence Service. Sometimes it is referred to as SI6 or the Secret Intelligence Section 6.”
“Yes, I am amazed that I have been led here. I’ll tell you sometime about my thoughts while in the shower…which is another story.”
“My father’s name is Joseph Miller. If you’d like, I can arrange a meeting with him.”
“Oh, definitely. There is one other thing that is of great importance. Olga may be in some type of danger.”
“Yes, she had a contact in Switzerland with a man named Jamil. His father is Kabil who is part of a group in Yemen called The Committee. This group has a new leader named Diabolis. Diabolis called me in Norway wanting to speak to Ashton and Hans. Of course, they had both died in the accident. I told him this and he asked me if I knew where Olga was because they were looking for her.”
“Why would they want her?”
“I think some time ago she was being used by them to entertain me that were trying to change the leadership of the world. She may have even known about SS General Kammler and his secret invention to immobilize all military weapons.”
“She has told me much about her past, but those names are not familiar to me. We definitely should talk with her about it?”
“I think you should let us talk with your father first. He will know how to protect Olga if there is a threat against her.”
“Oh, certainly. We must see Father as soon as possible.”
The meeting was arranged with Tom’s father, Charlie, Elizabeth and Tom in a side room of the cathedral. After introductions and filling Mr. Miller in on why they had come to London, Charlie began to explain the details. He could tell that Mr. Miller was all business, taking out his electronic notepad and only looking up occasionally.
Charlie shared with him that Ashton had been hard at work deciding how his plan would fit in with the goals of The Committee. He had also contacted the G8 chairmen of the eight countries recognized so far for their standing in the world. They are the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Russia. He felt strongly that of all these countries, Russia would be the one most interested in solidarity and a powerful world leader. Leaving things a bit unsaid, he actually wrote a letter to Putin saying, “Your country will be contacted soon by a representative from Yemen. There is some news which must remain top secret. This will be explained to you soon.”
“Did he get a reply,” Mr. Miller asked.
“That I don’t know.”
Charlie continued to tell about how Ashton built up the importance of General Kammler to The Committee as Hitler’s right hand man in scientific inventions. Hitler had been developing highly technical aircraft that the world had never known. That program was lost at the end of the war. Gen. Kammler still had great ability, even in his elder years, to develop equipment that every country in the world would want to control. His plans were precise and the country that claims them will be able to disable any war equipment through the formula that Elizabeth was able to copy on her thumb drive.
Hesitating for a moment, Charlie asked Elizabeth to show Tom and Mr. Miller the thumb drive and then he continued.
“You haven’t heard the things that will make your hair stand up. The Committee in Yemen is a group of men who have prayers each day…at least five times a day. Their prayers may be sincere, but misguided, for they feel that only…and I emphasize only… those who believe as they do should be around to enjoy the world peace that they think they will bring. They are willing to die for that cause, and have even taken a blood oath with one another toward that special mission.”
“Go on. I’m listening,” Mr. Miller continued to write on his pad.
“The person they have chosen to become the next world leader, possibly through the United Nations, is suppose to bring peace through this new, disabling weapon to the entire world, as I have said.”
“Who do they say he is?” Miller inquired.
“They have chosen this man named Diabolis who called me and asked about Olga.”
Tom lowered his head in his hands as his father continued to write. There was a brief silence and he looked up.
“Dad, I need to find out why they are looking for Olga,” Tom said with a distressed sigh.
“If she knows them and can give us information, we will take care of things through the UKPPS.”
“What’s that?” Charlie asked.
“It’s the UK Protected Person Services…our national crime agency.”
Miller continued, “Tell me more about this General Kammler.”
“This will take awhile,” Charlie said.
“No problem. That’s why we’re here,” Miller responded.
“First, you need to know that I am a Jew, but I was raised by a Christian father. Hans, to say the least, did not like Jews. He was part of plans for the Holocaust, but in my case, he wanted to use me in his scheme. I had not completely figured that one out before he died. “
“Where was he going when he died in the accident,” Miller asked.
“He told me that he had hidden his information in a church in Belgium. He did not tell me much, but I would guess that he was planning to go there to retrieve them before going on to Yemen.”
“Did you have any thoughts about why he was telling you all these things?”
“I think he wanted to use me as a runner. In fact, I told him one day that I may sound cynical, but was he planning to exterminate me like my fellow Jews when he no longer needed me?”
“What was his reply?”

“He told me that this is the 21st century and the war is over. He had no problem with my heritage. In kind of a mocking way, he told me that now that I am a Christian I should be willing to do anything for world peace…like Jesus promised would happen someday when He returns. ”
“Sounds like he knew the Scriptures.”
“Maybe, but I think he hated anything to do with Christians. Everything he said was with a sarcastic tone. He even implied that if Jesus, the Savior of the world, did not come back soon enough, perhaps their leader could take His place. ”
“I can see why you had some hesitancies,” Miller said turning to Elizabeth.
“Are you willing to turn over the thumb drive to me? I can promise you that it will only go to those who know the meaning of freedom and in many cases have families who have died for it,” he said with a kindly smile.
“I believe that you will do what is best. Thank you. It will be a real relief to not be carrying this anymore.”
“I will get back with the two of you and let you know what I have accomplished. It may take some time. If you will tell me about the exact location of the other copy in Belgium, we will also take care of that.”
Charlie stood and all shook hands. As they walked slowly down the hall through the cathedral, they could hear the St. Paul choir singing. Olga was standing near the Choir Master and gave them a happy smile. The choir was rehearsing I Vow To Thee My Country.

Fr. Tom put his arm around Charlie’s shoulder, “Charlie, your people have suffered much as have ours here in Great Britain and throughout the world. My father told me about going to the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. He had held England together throughout World War II, giving people courage and strength to move forward with endurance. This song that you hear the choir singing was played at his funeral. Here is a plaque with part of  his famous speech to our people during the war.churchill and Lincoln

“Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”churchill


Tom turned and looked into Charlie’s eyes, “Charlie, the Americans entered the war and with the help of many nations, including the underground, we defeated evil.  God has brought you here to step up to the plate against evil once more. Always believe that. We must keep the lamp of freedom burning.”




Churchill is buried at  St Martin’s Church in Bladon  near Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

Credits:  I Vow To Thee / Thaxted / Jupiter arranged by Geoff Knorr and performed by the Prague FILMharmonic under the conduction of Andy Brick.


Chapter 31

Written by N.W. Boyer  © 2016  All Rights Reserved

Olga and Fr. Tom now spent their days working in the cathedral and love was definitely in the air. Olga had professed her love for Christ and had finally found a deep peace in her life. Many of their evenings were spent walking through the parks with Tom’s beloved dog, Gracie. His Golden Retriever was up in age and finding it difficult to walk very far, so they sat on the many benches throughout the green spaces. Olga’s confirmation in the Christian faith would be the next Sunday when the Bishop visited. Their plans were to ask his blessing on a Spring wedding.
“Tom, I want to call Charlie and tell him the wonderful things that have happened to us since I came here. After all, he was the one who introduced me to you and St. Paul’s wonderful choir.”
“That would be a great idea. Maybe he would come to see us if he’s passing through London to Israel.”
The phone rang at the Seed Vault. Charlie jumped to answer. It was the head of the Rescue Squad. The voice told Charlie the bad news.
“We have called off our search. It’s 100% certain that they missed their turn, went into the crevasse and it is too many hours now for anyone to have survived.”
Charlie held his head and replied, “Thank you for the information. We will contact the driver’s family. Hans and Ashton had no other family that we know of…only each other. Excuse me, I need to catch another call coming in. I’m give the word to those here at the Seed Vault. Thank you, again.”
“Olga, I am surprised to hear your voice. Are you okay? How is Father Tom?”
Charlie was amazed at all Olga had to tell him.
“How wonderful for you both. I will call you again soon, but I have an emergency going on here at the moment and I need to talk with the Seed staff. Will call you both back, I promise.”
The Seed staff met with Charlie and were given the news of what happened to Ashton, Hans and their driver of the Snow Cat. Afterwards, Elizabeth, Emmett and Charlie met to talk about the future plans.
“Emmett, I know how you are and you’ll probably totally disagree with me, but I believe there is a major decision that has to be made. I’ve been thinking about the thumb drive that Elizabeth has and how important it is to the entire world….especially the free world.”
“So, what’s your big thought for the whole world, Mr. Charlie?”
“I really can’t deal with sarcasm right now, Emmett, there is too much at stake.”
“Elizabeth, do you have to have this job as librarian here?”
“Not really. It was for the adventure of something new that I came in the first place,” she replied with a questioning look.
“Well, I think I am going to quit. Would you be willing to go with me to find some official in the free world that would keep the information that you have secret and in a safe place?”
“Gee, I’ll have to think on this at least a minute or two,” she said pulling her glasses down on her nose and flashing him a smile.
“Then you’ll go with me?”
“Why not? Unless you know some place among the seeds we could hide this thing. I never let it out of my sight.”
“No, of course we can’t do that. Some 3rd world country will need seeds and it will end up in the hands of The Committee or ISIS!”
“You know I was kidding, right?”
“Well, what do you think, Emmett?”
“I think you guys have to do what you have to do. That has been my theory always, so why change now. What I know is nothing compared with the information Elizabeth has and all the discussions you both had with Ashton and Hans. I promise I’ll not let anyone torture it out of me.”
“So you don’t want to go with us?”
“I think not. Just keep in touch so I won’t think you guys end up in the hands of an assassin or something.”
“In that case, I am going to recommend that you be made manager of this part of the Seed Vault.”
“Thanks, Charlie, I think I’d like talking to the seeds better that being a 007,” he said with a grin.
“Elizabeth, just guard that thumb drive with your life. I plan to give notice…and you can too…tell them you and I are eloping or something.”
“Not a bad idea, Charlie.”
Going back into the office, the phone rang once again. There was a slight delay when Charlie answered and the voice sounded low and quite demanding.
“This is Diabolis calling from Yemen. I would like to speak to Aston.”
“What is this concerning and may I ask who you are?
“I am head of The Committee that Ashton knows about and I have a position from Yemen in the United Nations.”
“Yes, I heard Ashton speak of you and The Committee. I am sorry to inform you that Ashton and his father, Hans, have both died in an accident here in Norway.”
There was a long silence. “Did either of them tell you about some information that we were expecting from them?”
“I believe that they were headed to see you when the accident happened. Anything they were bringing to you is now at the bottom of a cravasse.”
“I see. I will inform The Committee. One further question, did Ashton say anything about a woman named Olga? We are looking for her.”
“He only said something about her once and that she had suddenly disappeared. That was many months ago.”
Without a word, there was a click and Charlie knew that time was now to make his move, but in what direction. He almost forgot about making a return call to Olga until Diabolis asked about her.
“Olga, I will have to make this call short, but I’d like to come see you and Fr. Tom as soon as possible. There is something that I need to tell you and then I’m not certain where I will be going from there. I have a wonderful girl that I met here, named Elizabeth. Elizabeth will be coming with me. Find out when it will be convenient for us to meet with you and Fr. Tom.”
“Oh, I am delighted. I think most anytime will be good, but I will speak with him.”
“Good, I probably will leave Norway within a day or two now that the weather has let up. We’ll get in touch.”
Charlie’s mind was swimming from one direction to another. It was hard to sleep as he replayed in his mind his conversations with Ashton and the plans of The Committee. He remembered that Hans had been persuaded by Ashton to use his skill to develop what was needed by The Committee. His father had been working non-stop after being convinced that all war equipment, mainly aircraft and missiles, needed to be electronically dysfunctional.
Carefully documenting all his work with Elizabeth, Ashton spent many hours putting together the completed secret formula. He had prepared secret compartments in his brief case in which to place the plans. They were planning to fly to Yemen to present the proposal and the secrets behind his inventions. It was not certain how it would be received.
One thing was certain; it had to be hidden in a safe place. They would only reveal to The Committee the secret compartments when he and General Kammler were assured that they would use this formula wisely; in a timely manner and for the ultimate goal of world peace.
They were convinced that it would be the only answer to erase warfare. The world would become one and not divided. The General had come to believe that this was his redemption for his involvement in the Holocaust.
Charlie whispered in his sleep, “They were crazy to think that all this information would make the world move toward a peaceful existence.”

There was one thing that Charlie had not shared with Emmett and Elizabeth  that Ashton had told him. General Kammler had hidden a copy of his shorter version of the new technology  in behind a panel of the Mystic Lamb in the Vyd Chapel of St. Bavo’s Cathedral in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Mystic Lamb  or Adoration of the Lamb  by Hubert and Jan van Eyck
The altar panels had been painted by Hubrecht van Eyck and his brother around 1432. The theme of the panels is the glorification of man’s salvation and sanctification by the sacrifice of Christ. It was stolen, however, with thousands of art artifacts under Hitler’s command in World War II. Before it was stolen, General Kammler had hidden his information in a side pocket of wood made around the panting. The panels were returned to the cathedral after it was found in a salt mine by a team of art experts. Charlie remembered seeing the movie, The Monuments Men, not realizing that the panels Ashton and Hans talked about were one of the recovered master pieces.

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Hans believed that the plans would never be found if hidden secretly in this location. Charlie reasoned that even the Monuments Men did not notice it because there were so many priceless pieces of art recovered. He wondered why the art curator in the Cathedral did not discover it.

Charlie knew that he and Elizabeth had to make a trip to Belgium to see if the panel looked as if there was a wooden piece holding the writings of now deceased General Hans Kammler. If so, they would have to inform whoever they gave the thumb drive to that it was also there. He debated on whether to discuss this with Emmett and decided against it.
Tossing and turning over what to do next, Charlie thought of where he had come from and how changed he was as a person. Much of it had to do with finding Elizabeth, who had a profound Christian faith, but was not judgmental. This brought more thoughts about his discussion with Hans, who had said, “ I heard you say you are a Jew.”
“Yes, part…that is. My mother is a Jew and my father is a Christian. It’s a long story that I will share with you sometime if you are interested.” Hans had turned abruptly giving a hard look at Charlie.
“I can’t say that I am interested…for it is my thought that everyone’s belief is their own business, Charlie. You are probably the only Jew that I have found interesting and I certainly have no interest in what Christians, like Elizabeth, have to say. She thinks I should be sorry for what happened to all the Jews in the war. ”
Charlie thought about how Hans wanted to be exonerated for all the evils of World War II. Yet he never could say he was sorry. His life ended quite abruptly. No more chances.
The clock by his bedside read three a.m. and he wanted to sleep, but he was unable to with all the old words coming back. Hans and Ashton had talked about world peace. They even talked about Israel.
“You have always had an interest in world events. What we are proposing will bring about world peace. Your people in Israel want peace for they have had a history of turmoil. What we are planning would bring peace to Israel and the Arab world…as well as other troubled spots around the world.”
“How?” Charlie had asked him. Yet, he was never told how it could be accomplished. It appeared to him that the goal of The Committee was to dominate the world.
Climbing out of bed, he knew there was no need to try to sleep. Charlie had found that the shower was his best place for prayers and meditation. There was no one, not even Emmett, whom he could turn to for advice about saving this information for freedom, not bondage. He was not used to praying about such big things, but now seemed like a good time to start.
Turning on the steamy water, he held his head back…splashing the water across his eyelids. “God, I do not want to be a part of something that will end up in some tragedy…but if it is true that there is a way to help this war-torn world through this information, then I’d like to be a part of it. How do I know? Who do I go to?”
Lathering the soap in his hands, he rubbed it along his chest and under his arms. “One thing is certain, it may be cold in these parts, but management keeps the hot water in good supply,” he thought to himself.
“So, God, how do I know? If you helped the Monuments Men find the art that you did not want in one of Hitler’s museums or to be destroyed when he lost the war, you can help me with all that is on that thumb drive or behind a panel of art,”  getting back into his prayer.
There was nothing but steam making a circle around him. He did not know why, but for some reason, he felt that he should just go for it…and see what he could do. After he toweled off, He picked up the phone.
“Elizabeth, I know it’s early, but I need to come to your room. I think God may be telling me something. I don’t think I can wait until later to talk, if it’s okay with you.”
“No problem. Come on and we’ll talk. ”

Trailer of Monuments Men 

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See the saved panels   Interactive Altar Panels of Mystic Lamb in Ghent, Belgium. …See up close

Chapter 30

Written by N.W. Boyer  © 2016  All Rights Reserved

The old suitcase Hans had carried with him since leaving Germany was packed with all the information Elizabeth had so diligently organized in the last several months. Her conversations with Hans had been less frequent because Ashton spent a great deal of time with his father, prepping him on what he should reveal to The Committee once they were in Yemen.
Since they planned to be gone for some time, he put Charlie in charge of all that was his responsibility at the Vault, including phone calls from the Middle East.
Charlie had convinced him that he was trustworthy and would see that all went smoothly with the seeds and with those foreign contacts who may not have gotten the word that he was on his way to Yemen. The Snowcat was made ready to get them to the small airport for their flight to their international jet.

The blizzard- like wind was howling with a mixture of snow and ice. Charlie heard their driver express his concern that visibility may not be good enough to make it down to the runway. He was worried about missing a turn as he wanted to avoid a large glacier that was in the area. Soon the massive, steel door shut behind them and there was an eery silence after the Snowcat moved away.
Charlie waved at Elizabeth as he passed the library and met Emmett at the work station in the seed vault. He was busy teaching a new employee how to work on sorting and organizing the seeds.
“Get on your gloves, deary. These seeds need extra special care. You’ll need to know a whole string of things before you can begin storing them in the containers,” Emmett said to the new girl, who looked like she had just come out of somebody’s back lot. Her hair was stringy and cropped short…nothing like the only other girl who was working at the vault. He was not thinking of the older woman named Helen, who was probably in her sixties. If Charlie did not have a thing for Elizabeth, he’d probably like to take her out himself. To Emmett, she was his kind of girl…sweet,pretty, smart, and most of all southern. “Boy, do I like southern girls, “ he thought to himself.
“What kind of seeds are these?” the girl asked.
“They are tomato seeds. You know, if we are to eat after the world gets blown to bits, we have to plant tomatoes for our salad…or whatever we’ll be eating in those days.”
“Sounds depressing. Do you think the world is going to blow up?”
“Sure it is, Honey, and I know who will be blowing it up, but I can’t tell you. It is top secret.” Ashton replied.
“Sure!” she said wrinkling her nose and giving him a wink.
Emmett sensed that she was running to the far north from something, but he’d give her the benefit of the doubt and be a buddy, that is unless they ended up killing each other. He liked people who learned fast and she did not seem like that would be her strong point. She also seemed like a hard-head with not too much ambition. “If I’m going to be her teacher, I hope this oil and water will actually mix. Sometimes it makes for good sparring tactics though,” he mused as they sorted the tomato seeds.
About that time, Helen opened the door and Emmett knew just the job she could do…take this girl off his hands. Emmett liked Helen. He was always kidding with her. Her hair was slightly grey and her smile was contagious. She always wore “gosh awful” bright socks with tennis shoes. Of course, Emmett didn’t care for no one needed to be a fashion plate in The Vault.
“Helen, this is our new employee, Suzy. Would you mind teaching her everything you know about storing these seeds. If she needs to ask anybody anything, she can ask you or me. She doesn’t need to be bothering the guys, if you know what I mean.”
“What do you mean? I don’t even like guys,” she answered abruptly.
“Somehow I just knew that, darling, now just listen to Miss Helen here. I’ll check on you again later,” Emmett said sticking his pencil behind his ear.

Now that Ashton and Hans were gone, Charlie asked Emmett and Elizabeth to meet in the back room for a more private dinner. They could bring in pizza from the deli and just relax for the evening.
“Sounds good to me. I’ll meet you at six o’clock, Emmett replied. “I’ll go by and see if Elizabeth will join us.”
“Never mind, Emmett, I’ll do that myself,” Charlie said with a smile.
It had not been long after meeting, that the phone rang. Charlie felt he should answer it since he had promised Ashton that he’d take all incoming calls for him. Emmett joked, “Wow, you’re getting some of those strange guys from the Middle East already!”
“Hello. This is Charlie. No, Ashton is not here. Who is calling?” There was a long silence.
“What do you mean that they have not arrived for your flight to international?”
“They left here in the Snowcat almost two hours ago. When were they to meet you?”
Emmett and Elizabeth looked at each other. Charlie was jestering for a sheet of paper.
“Give me your number. It is really bad weather outside and I heard their driver say he felt the visibility was really bad. I’ll see what we can find out.”
Putting down the phone, Charlie had a very strange look on his face. “They never made it to the airport. Do you guys want to go with me to see if we can find them?”
“In this weather? You’ve got to be kidding!” Emmett said gathering up the pizza leftovers.
“I’ll go with you, Charlie. Are you going to use the other Snowcat?”
“It’s all we have. They may be stuck somewhere or the cat is broken down. They could freeze out there, so we need to see what we can do.”
Emmett said he’d stay near the phone as Charlie and Elizabeth headed toward the Snowcat garage. Letting the foreman know why he was going out, they put on thermal coats, pants and boots with all the survival ger.
“Charlie, I think we should have a prayer and ask God to protect us…or we could all be lost out there somewhere.” Charlie agreed and then the slowly moved down the road. The head lights made shadows in the darkness. It was really tough to see direction, but they slowly moved along. After what seemed like an eternity, Elizabeth gasped.
“Charlie, I think this is where they got confused. It looks like the sign has been blown over which warns about not entering the glacier area. If that is the case, we must not go any further.”
“I think you are probably right. That may be a part of a track right there, but the snow is covering it over. I can’t be certain, but if that is a track then they went toward the glacier and not toward the airport.”
Leaning her head out the window to get a better view, she felt the blizzard snow hit her face and glasses. “Let’s go back, Charlie. We’ll call the Norwegian Rescue Squad and let them fly over and shine their lights. If they see something, they’ll know what to do.”
“Yes, I agree.”

snow in the face
Following their own Snowcat tracks, that were quickly disappearing, they made their way back to The Vault. Elizabeth went to her room while Charlie made the calls.
“Emmett, we went as far as we could go. No sign of them, but Elizabeth and I think they made a wrong turn. I need to call the rescue. Hopefully, they have been able to keep warm for the few hours they’ve been out there.”
“What a hell of a night! The man at the airport called again, so you better let him know what you found out..or didn’t find.”
Rescue assured Charlie they would send someone as soon as possible, but they might not be able to fly out until the storm let up. Hours crept by. Radar showed that the storm had moved on. Finally, the phone rang again. Charlie jumped to answer it.
“You saw what? A deep cravasse….in the glacier…did you see the Snowcat? Oh….yes…I’ll appreciate a call when your ground crew knows something.”
Hanging up, Charlie turned to Emmett.
“Emmett, there is the possibility that they drove straight into the crevasse. If so, they are lost and everything with them. Call and ask Elizabeth to come down.”
Elizabeth entered the room. “It’s not good, Elizabeth. They haven’t found anything yet, but if they think they have slid off into the crevasse, then there will be no getting them out. If it thaws, it will pull them further down and then it will freeze over again. Rescue  will wait until morning when the weather clears to send out a ground search.”
“Oh, my gosh, that is awful!”
“Another thing to think about is that all his technical secrets are down there in the abyss with him.”
“No, Charlie, I have copies right here.” Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a thumb drive. Charlie and Emmett stared at her in disbelief. “Now it is in our hands and we will have to decide what to do with it,” she whispered.

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Photo credits:  Ole M Rapp and Lars P. Kalkberg

Chapter 29

Written by N.W. Boyer  © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Elizabeth’s second job had turned into more than she had expected. She often caught herself looking at Hans and wondering what made a man with great mentality and potential become so dejected and despondent. He had taken a wrong path when he got caught up in the Nazi movement. He would drag out his disheveled notes for her type; get irritated if she asked questions, but seemed at times to like her for it. Occasionally, he would open up and tell her some of his thoughts and beliefs. Elizabeth had a sense that she needed to be on-guard, but wanted to find out as much as she could about his life. She decided that she should be direct with him because that seemed to be the way he liked it. At least that was the way he treated her.
“Hans, in your suitcase, you have all your scientific notes, but what is this book by Albert Rosenberg? Who was this Rosenberg guy and what did he mean to you?”
“Albert Rosenberg was the one who taught the Fuhrer everything. By everything, I mean he was smart and persuasive. ”
“Like how?”

The Myth of Twentieth Century 1939 edition“He wanted a new religion to replace the Christian faith of the German people. It would be based on our heritage in the Aryan race. It’s all in that book you see there, The Myth of the Twentieth Century.”
“Do you mean the racial ideology that claimed that the Aryan race was a master race? Is that what you and your Nazi people really thought?” She asked.
His eyes glared at her. “We are the Aryan race! Alfred Rosenberg was a great mind of our time. They hung him, you know. ”

Alfred_Rosenberg Nazi

Alfred Rosenberg

“You have an article in your case written by Robert Wittman and David Kenny about Mr. Rosenberg,” she began to read. “ After the Nuremberg trials ended in 1949, American prosecutors closed down their offices, and the captured German documents were shipped to an old torpedo factory on the banks of the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia. There, the papers were prepared for filing with the National Archives. Microfilms were made, and eventually most of the originals were sent back to Germany.”
“They think they know everything from his diary, but they don’t. I have my own diary, but it will not be found by anyone.”
“Why do you say that, Hans?”
“Because it is well hidden,” he replied. Elizabeth wanted to ask him where he had hidden it, but believed his temper was not for today’s asking. Instead, she thought it best to talk about the war and the times after the war. It was obvious that Hans did not like talking about it and often cut her off, telling her to get on with her work.
Elizabeth glanced his way, ignoring his affront. “Why did the Nazis use the swastika, like the one on this book and on your medal?” Elizabeth tried to engage him in conversation if he was willing, taking careful note of all he had to say. She and Hans were alone much of the time. Sometimes he would leave the room on a short break, which gave her opportunity to look through his disorganized notes and correspondence. Some of the formulas were more than she understood, but it occurred to her that perhaps they were the most important. Whenever Hans was outside the room, she worked quickly to salvage what she could.

One day, she asked him if he had any regrets for the treatment of the Jews, knowing that Charlie, who had become very close to her, has a Jewish mother. She did not think Hans knew this.
“Tell me, Hans, did you ever watch the Jews die?”
At first he seemed reluctant to reply. “They meant nothing to me. After Rosenberg planted his fantasy world into Hitler’s mind, they believed it was the best for our race to do away with them.”  Hans walked over to his brief case and removed three medals.  He handed each of them to Elizabeth, explaining their significance.  She saw that one was antisemitic and another from his childhood as a Hitler youth.

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“Of course you knew it was evil and wrong, didn’t you?”

“Evil? What is evil? We all just live and then we die. What we decide is best for us while we are living is up to us, wouldn’t you say?”

“I know that I will have to face God someday. So I would not want to answer why I tortured or killed my fellow human beings,” Elizabeth responded.
“You are so naive , my dear Elizabeth. I have no feelings for any of them,” he said with a gesture of disgust. “I did go to Auschwitz with Rosenberg one time. The smoke poured from the chimneys. They were killing them by the thousands. It did not bother him because he was doing our country a favor. Why should it bother me?”
“Hans, you are not a young man. Whatever you have been involved with or done in your past, you must find forgiveness.”
“I don’t need your sermons!”
“Have it your way, but if you’d like to talk about how to find some peace in your life, I’ll be glad to share that with you.”
It was difficult for Elizabeth to work with a man who was so filled with hate and no regret. One thing was for certain to her. People like Hans could not be successful in ruling the world. The world had survived Hitler because of those willing to lay down their lives to keep freedom in the world. As she stocked the shelves in the library, she found fascinating books that she read late into the night. The underground network throughout Europe played a great part in winning the war. She felt that in a sense she was a bit of an underground warrior here in this frozen land. Hans and his son must be stopped from giving out scientific secrets that this brilliant mind had discovered. The more she read at the library and in Han’s briefcase, she was certain that she had to be a part of squelching this madness.
Picking up her phone, she began to text. “Charlie, I’m back in my room. Get Emmett. We must meet tonight. There is no time to waste. I found out today that my time with Hans is just about over and He and Ashton are planning a trip to the Middle East…and soon.”










Chapter 28

Written by N.W. Boyer © 2016  All Rights Reserved

Time passed at the Cathedral and Olga learned her job well. The Choir Master became a friend and together they worked on concerts and music for worship.
Father Tom had taken an interest in her stories about her life and childhood. No one had ever spent such quality time with her. As they took long walks around London, through the parks, and by the  Young Lovers  statue behind the Cathedral,  she would sometimes find herself becoming tearful about her past and all the things in her life of which she was not proud. He never condemned her or made her feel unworthy of God’s love and care.


“Young Lovers” by Georg Erlich at St. Paul’s Cathedral garden


Tom also shared with her his call to the ministry and what it meant to him. Occasionally he would take out his prayer book and read a scripture or a psalm. It was the first time that she had known anything  about the Holy Scriptures or the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for sins….even her sins.
She talked to him about the wars around the world and her brother who had died in Afghanistan. He had flown aircraft there and was shot down. It had made her wonder whether God was in control of anything.
Olga especially enjoyed the young people who sang and the beautiful voices of the young choristers at St. Paul’s and their fun out in the snow.choir boys of st pauls in snow

She would often finish her work and stay to hear their practices, watching them during services as they marched into the cathedral with freshly starched white robes and take their places along side the older choristers.
During worship services, she sat alone fading into the large groups of people who came to worship or hear the choir sing. The greatness of this cathedral was more than she had ever experienced with the stained glass windows, stone floors and vaulted ceilings. Her favorite music was “God So Loved the World”. The choir would begin to sing and a hush fell over the room. God was there. She simply knew it.

In Yemen, Jamil and Kabil had been making detailed plans to find people who could carry out The Committee’s wishes. Kabil was told that Jamil had sent a man to find Olga, but she had slipped away from him in Paris, headed to London, but he lost track of her there. Even though it was not spoken openly, he knew that they were planning to get rid of her because she knew too much about what they were doing and many of their contacts. Kabil believed that if he was not to end up with the fate that had been planned for Olga, he must be a part of the Committee and gain their trust. Asking to be present at their next meeting, he told Jamil that he felt that he could be of service if he could arrange for General Hans Kammler and his son to bring the complete files of his invention to Yemen and meet with The Committee. This was an ambitious plan, but he believed he could accomplish it. Explaining it to Jamil, he was given the go-ahead to make the contacts at the Seed Vault in Norway.
The next meeting was to be held in a private building near the heart of the city. Yemen was under scrutiny now because of the terrorists’ plots materializing there.
No one was to know where the meetings were taking place except those with a special code given to them. Diabolis was now in control of every meeting and this evening he was to give some important instructions.
Rising to speak to the group, Diabolis began in a quiet tone. “Gentlemen, we have come to ask for volunteers to infiltrate into some most important places. The places we have chosen are not places that just anyone can have access. Let me give you a list of these with a little explanation for each. I would suggest that as I am telling you about these, that you think about what skills you have and what would fit your abilities. We need to have access to certain important people and places. Some of our contacts have tried to get access but did not have good success.” he went on, pulling some papers from his brief case.
“I will first just list the most important and then some others,” he continued.
“Mexhgorye in Russia is a town found high in Mount Yamantaw, which is the highest mountain in the southern Urals. The town is closed because it is suspected of being a nuclear facility or a bunker. As you know, the United States can see things from their satellite system. They have observed in the 1990’s, after the fall of the Soviet Union, that there were two garrisons being built on top of the facility. The Russians have been asked about this and, of course, they reply that they are only for mining. They tell us they keep Russian treasures there…or places for food storage in case the world had a nuclear war. We have friendly relations with the Russians and it would be to our advantage to have someone in this facility to watch what is actually taking place. If you know the Russian language, you will be even more important as we move forward.

Russia  possible nuclear facilty in Urals 2


The second place is The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center that is located in Virginia in the United States. It is run by FEMA, which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. During the Cold War, it was built to be the place of refuge or the last hope place in case the world had a major disaster. Still in operation, it is highly classified. The main reason for this is that most all telecommunications run through this place. Because we have talked about how important it is that we have control of communication, we need to get someone in this facility. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center VA
The third place that we need infiltration is a British military base called RAF Menwith Hill, which is probably the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. It is associated with the ECHELON system which is said to monitor the communications of Russia as well as terrorist cells and drug dealers and political and diplomatic intelligence. Radio and telephone communications are extremely important to our gathering intelligence.

Menwith Hill  England

I also have information coming about The Seed Vault in Norway. Most of you know that should our world dissolve into an apocalyptic disaster, we will need to replant seeds for food, foliage and trees.

Global Seed Vault  Norwasy DCK Cox credit

Similarly, we also know that Moscow State University just received Russia’s largest-ever scientific grant in a bid to create a type of ‘Noah’s Ark’ containing the DNA of every living and extinct creature on the planet.  We must not forget how important animals are to the  food chain on our planet.  Russia’s DNA ark would become the world’s first database of its kind.  They hope to have this completed by 2018 and will be over forty times larger in size than the Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. We will need a Russian speaker to infiltrate this project.”russia-dna-noahs-ark
As Diabolis informed The Committee of these places, the men seemed spell-bound by his expert knowledge. They knew that they had made the right choice in selecting him Leader. He continued.
“These are only a few that I will speak of tonight. There are other secretive areas such as Room 39 in North Korea. Even though it is most highly held in secrecy, it’s aim is to obtain foreign currency. It has been used since 1970 for counterfeiting, money laundering and other illicit gains. This, of course, will not be profitable to them because as the world currency collapses, their stored currencies will have no value. They are thought to have a number of bank accounts in China and Switzerland. If they have also stored gold there, then that is another need for control.”  Diabolis explained.


Military parade in Pyongyang


” Area 51 is in the United States. This is a U. S. Air Force facility in the Nevada Test and Training Range. Our infiltrators in the Central Intelligence Agency call it other things, such as Homey Airport, Groom Lake, Dreamland and other names as Paradise Ranch. It is a Restricted Area 4808N. Why is this important to us you may be asking?  It has been for some time a place for experimental aircraft and weapons systems. We have information from The Seeds Vault that General Kammler’s invention can render all these experimental aircraft obsolete.  Throughout the years, people around Area 51 have come up with stories that we call folklore.  They think the secretive information has to do with UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects. They believe that aliens, or people from space,  have given them a special technology which is a part of weather control, time travel and teleportation technology, such as the ability to bend an object’s light completely out of view. We would call this exotic propulsion systems. This may be a difficult place to send our informers, but we will be able to find out their secrets eventually.  I will not labor on these technicalities any further.” Diobolis said with a wave of his hand.



“Most of what I have discussed with you is highly secretive, but the average person pays little  attention to them. This is where you come in, as you will give each place and theory your highest consideration.  It is imperative that you keep all this information private. It cannot be discussed in your homes or with your outside acquaintances.  Fill out the form for me to see your qualifications. You will be called privately to have your assignments made. It is best that not everyone in The Committee knows where and who is involved…for intelligence reasons. You will destroy any of the things you have written in notes in the fire pot here. It must only be part of your thinking. ”

Kamil knew that his language skills were needed. He decided that he was best qualified  to go to the Urals because he spoke Russian fluently. That is how he and Olga were able to first communicate. He had been in the Urals and found that part of the world fascinating. The Soviet Union was no more and there were power struggles within Russia today. A number of people had either disappeared, were poisoned or experienced drive by shootings if they opposed those in power.  He knew also that there was a desire for Russia’s  President to position himself in authority over places like Ukraine, making his decisions more powerful than anyone worldwide, including the President of the United States. The Olympics of 2014 was Russia’s first opportunity to show  power to the world. Much was happening behind the scenes throughout Russia and Kamil believed he would be able to pass this information on to Diabolis when the time was right.
Handing his papers to Diabolis, Kamil spoke with great humility, “I do believe that you will be the greatest Leader that the world has ever known, but there is much to be accomplished before this can happen. I have spent my life trying to find a way for world peace even if it has taken me to some situations that I found distasteful. Please consider me to go for The Committee to Mexhgorye in Russia.”
Diabolis looked at him…hesitating…then responding, “I only choose those that can be trusted completely. One wrong move and this could be the end of everything that is being carefully arranged throughout the world.”
“Yes, I appreciate this. I understand and you would find me completely at your service.”
“You will be notified,” Diabolis said moving quickly away from him.
The call to prayer could again be heard from the Minaret in the center of the city. The men moved  to their prayer rugs that had to be put in a clean place and pointing toward Mecca. Each man was careful to hold his mat in a respectful manner. Prostrating themselves, the men began their prayers as did the rest of the city.

To be continued in Chapter 29

Photo Credit:  N. Korea  2015. Photo by: Jörn Petring/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images   Other photos from internet sources. Video by St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir  “For God So Loved the World” by John Stainer

Note:  This story is fiction and no person shown in the pictures or videos has anything to do with The Seeds.  


Chapter 27

Written by N.W. Boyer © 2016   All Rights Reserved

Walking quickly to the elevator, Olga rushed into the hotel hallway. A dark, heavy-bearded man was standing there. He seemed to be watching her carefully. Reversing her steps, she walked a flight of stairs and waited for the next elevator to arrive. Slowly she descended, arriving at the lobby level. As she walked out, the same man was leaning against the wall, watching the elevator doors. She knew she was acting paranoid, but it was her life and more recently, she had decided that she wanted to keep it for a very long time! Was this man actually waiting to see her leave? Until she could get out of Paris, she needed to find a hotel that she could afford.

taxi in Paris

Olga’s cab arrived. She asked the cabbie  to take her to the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Marriott Hotel. Her money was important now and there was no reason to spend three hundred dollars a night that someone else had covered before for her.  The panicky feeling rose when she saw the same man who  was at the elevator catch the cab just behind her. They rode down the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and passed the Arc de Triomphe .
champs_Elysee Ave and Arch de Triumph

“Will you please hurry? If that cab behind seems to be following us, I’d like you to take a different route,” She told the driver.
“No problem,” as he glanced at her in the mirror with a questioning look.
It had begun to rain. Now, every man who came toward her seemed to her to be an assassin. She knew it was her imagination running wild, but that is what fear does to a person.
“Odd,” she thought, “I have never been really afraid in my entire life…except…maybe when that dreadful man had a knife in his pocket. I kept thinking the entire time I was with him, that I was going to get my throat cut. Some call-girls do…but I was one of those high-class girls…no one does that to them, do they?” Her mind drifted in and out.  Finally, she arrived at the Marriott hotel. As soon as she entered her room, she placed a piece of solid tape over the peephole, showered and went to bed. It was difficult to sleep.
“Please God, let me get to London and to the Priest who will meet me. I just need to feel safe.”
The next morning, as she arrived  at airport, she quickly moved her luggage to the check in desk.
“You are lucky today. We have one seat and you will be leaving within the hour,” the attendant told her.
She felt a sense of gratitude. It was a feeling she had not had in some time. Looking in the airport mirror just to her left, she saw a reflection of herself. It was then that she remembered what Charlie had said about her dress.

stellto heelsMaybe stiletto heels with the purple bows and the tight skirt were not the best for meeting the priest. Hurrying to the restroom, she changed.
“Yes, jeans, tennis shoes and a loose blouse will be more conservative…is what I think Charlie said. ”

Olga at airport in jeans.jpg

The plane was loaded and Olga glanced carefully around at the passengers as the flight attendant started her instructions. As the doors were beginning to close, a man rushed in and searched the aisle for his seat. Olga could not believe what she was seeing. It was the same man who had been watching the elevator at the hotel. She felt totally trapped.
“Get a handle on yourself. This may be entirely a coincidence.” She thought.
It was a short trip from Paris to London. Flagging down an attendant before landing, “ I’m sorry to bother you, but if there is a seat close to the door, I need to get out quickly because I don’t feel too well.”
“I think I can find you something up front. We’re really full but had one cancellation. ”
As the attendant motioned to her to come up front, Olga grabbed her overhead bag and started down the aisle. She did  not look at where the man had seated himself as she made her way to her new seat.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we are arriving at Heathrow International Airport in London. Please stay in your seat until we taxi to our assigned gate.”
As soon as the door opened, Olga ran up the ramp. A man with a clerical collar was waiting in the crowd at the end of the ramp. Olga felt that she was running. “There he is…oh my gosh….he’s beautiful….I think he’s my savior…well maybe not a savior…but close.”
“I’m Olga. Are you waiting for me?” she said with a breathless, high voice.
“Yes, I’m Father Tom, just call me Tom. We have a car waiting for us. I hope you had a good trip from Paris.”
“Oh, yes. Thank you.”
Olga felt like she was running ahead of Fr. Tom, but she had to move fast so whoever that bearded man was would not see them leave.
“I’m sorry to be in such a rush, but I would like to get there and find out what I’m doing, you know.”
“Oh, there will be plenty of time for that. Do you have bags other than this small one?”
“Yes, but I’ll come back to get them later.”
Father Tom looked at her questioningly. “We are very close. Let’s get them now.” He replied moving toward the baggage claim.
Olga knew she could not act so strangely if he was going to help her out.
“I think I’ll just hang onto his arm.” she thought. “No, I can’t do that. He’s a priest. Oh, for crying out loud!”
“Father, I think I am being followed. I don’t know why or who he is, but will you help me get away from him?” as she looked desperately into his very blue eyes.
“Who do you think it is?”
“I have no idea, but he was waiting at an elevator when I came out of the hotel. Then he came on the airplane at the last minute. “ she said, looking around to see if she could catch a glance of him. “Oh there are my bags. Let’s go!”
A car waited outside and they climbed in. It wasn’t too soon because she saw the man come out of the airport and looked around as if searching for someone.
“Tell the driver to go…please.”
Father Tom tried to assure her during the drive that all was going to be just fine. Olga wished that she believed him, but at this moment it was hard to do. They arrived in front of a small stone building next to St. Paul’s Cathedral.
“Olga, you will be staying here so you will be close to the church and your duties there. It will be best since you do not have your own transportation. We’ll go over to the church, look around, and then get you settled.”
Olga looked at this man…so young and handsome. His smile and calming voice would make anyone feel safer. As they approached the church door, Father Tom opened it and began a tour of the church.
“I just want you to see this wonderful place. In fact, the choir and the choir boys are practicing now. We’ll introduce you to the Choir Master later. He’s going to appreciate your help.”

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To be continued in Chapter 28

Notation:  The Seeds is fiction and no person shown in the pictures or videos are in any way part of this story.